It’s Just as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie – A Series on Fashionable #BOPO men – Featuring Ady

It’s Just as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie – A Series on Fashionable #BOPO men – Featuring Ady

Often when I tell people what I do and what I’m passionate about – it usually revolves on saying that I’m passionate about helping women see their value, worth, beauty and falling in love with themselves and their bodies.  When I tell this to the men who ask – they often follow up with – well what about the men?  Why do you just talk to women about this stuff….

So, because of that, I decided that what better way to talk to men about this than feature a few men from around the world who have journeyed through to a place of self love and are sharing their message with the world.  Over the next few weeks I will be featuring some stories of men who you may be able to relate to, you may see inside of what men have to deal with when it comes to body image, fashion, confidence and even some fun topics like dating.

Here are the links to the men I’ve featured so far:



So today…let me introduce you to….Ady (His full name is Arcadio)!  He is a Brawn Style influencer, Aspiring brawn model and stylist – simply put – he just wants to inspire!  You can find him on Instagram @iam_adydelv (all his other social media handles will be listed below so you can follow him).  So let’s get to know Ady!



How and why did you get started with modelling?

I started about 2 years ago, I was on Instagram and on blogs browsing and I realized there were not many bigger men on these outlets showing any up to date styles that a younger, bigger guy can wear and get inspiration from. That’s when I decided to start posting some head to toe looks with what I had in my closet and start posting them, ever since then I’ve gotten so much amazing feedback and messages from people around the world asking me wear I get my clothes or simply to tell me that I’m inspiring to them for stepping out the box for bigger men in our generation. I live for that giving people hope that they can do it too. This platform has also given me an opportunity to model in one of the first plus male fashion shows in NYC Fashion Week.

Check him outttt in this video!!

What was it like growing up as a plus size male and what are things like today for you?

Growing up as a plus size male definitely has not been easy in all aspects of life, such as finding cool clothes, to the name calling or just the stares alone. Today living as a plus size male is a bit different I now carry myself different, I’ve learned to embrace the skin I am in and just not worry what anyone thinks or have to say that is not beneficial or positive to my life. I get up, get myself together and hit the ground with my head up.


Women plus size models and bloggers are really helping to change the game when it comes to what we see in media as well as how brands are able to reach their consumers however we are only starting to see this happen with plus size men.  Why do you think this is so important and where do you see this going in the future?

I think this has been long overdue for the plus size male, especially the modern plus size male of our generation. From experience I get a lot of messages form men 16-35 years old asking for advice on clothes, and where to find the modern and trendy stuff that I wear on my photos. I am hoping that in the near future we get more brands out there that caters the modern plus size gentlemen that really wants to look nice, up to date like the average size male does. It’s very important that influencers like me or the others help portray that so other plus size men know that it’s possible to look your best.

I recently heard someone say that being a plus size woman in today’s world is harder than it is to be a plus size male – do you think this is true, what are your thoughts either way?

Well I think yes and no with what I’ve seen I feel that mainstream media has this specific type of plus size men and women they want portrayed, a specific body type and so forth. Me – I’m far from the average plus size make body type, and that is fine with me, I feel that a lot of people tend to relate to the non average than to what mainstream media portrays, it shows a more realistic perspective but also shows them you don’t have to be perfect. I think is safe to say this effects both plus male and women.


Why do you think it’s so important to be a voice for other men?

I think it’s important especially for me to be a voice because of other people stories, their experiences and mines. I feel like our generation of men of all ages needs men that are real, relatable, inspiring without judgement and be able to tell them you can do this, wear this if you want just a bit of confidence anything is possible if you focus on loving and embracing yourself first.

What is it like looking for a fashionable wardrobe as a plus size man?  Are there limited options or do you have lots of options?

It is still not easy finding fashionable clothing for me personally; I believe I’m probably one of the bigger in physical size plus size male style influencers online. I have learned to improvise most of my looks to keep them fresh and up to date, I learned to use a sewing machine, I made my awesome grandmother show me the basics of using a sewing machine so I am able to tailor clothes I buy to fit me properly but with the modern look that’s out there. I think a lot of brands out there can do beer with options and fit that caters to the modern plus size male. There’s a lot of work to be done to give us these options that the average size male has and we do not, options have improved but can be way better.


What would you say your style is?

I think lately my look is more contemporary/urban, which is the popular look these days with a lot of bloggers that Euro street style. I have my moments when I switch it up.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to fashion?

Size and fit are always a challenge, there is either too much fabric or not enough. It’s like a bit of an obstacle course finding a good fit that isn’t to the extreme.  Reason why I learned to tailor my own clothes.


What are some of your favourite go to brands?

My favorite brands are: Ralph Lauren, Parish Nation, Sean John, Nautica, King Size Direct, Destination XL, Akademiks.

 Accessories: ASOS, ZARA & HM


What is it like dating at a plus size man? Do you feel that you are judged based on your size?

It has been super difficult, I always have this conversation with my sister and close friends, and they always try to keep it positive. I feel yeah my size might play a part of it, I feel that maybe it can intimidate some that might want to pursue but do not know how, I’ve also experienced the I’m to fit/model type to be seen with you, or the time I was called names for my size after that person was interested and used that against me. So I’ve had my share of experiences, but never had a chance to go far enough to ever go on date or be in relationship ever as embarrassing as that sounds someone my age. I’m learning to wait and hoping the right guy will eventually come along. I don’t let what I assume or negative thoughts consume me in any way, we all have our days as humans but we cannot dwell in that.


With the online popularity that you have been receiving, I am sure there also comes with it a little bit of negative attention.  How do you manage to stay so positive when there are quite a few critics out there commenting on what you produce?

I’ve had my share of critics mostly for my size and body never about my clothes, there are always those trolls that want to dampen what you have going on and bring you down. I use to respond to them because it would upset me, but I have learned to ignore them or block them without giving a response, we cannot feed into negativity when we are trying to stay away from that negative place as best we can.


What does life look like for you outside the fashion world?

I am a regular guy, I work a 9-5 job, I’m very family orientated and super close with my baby sister, I struggle like everyone else and my life is not peaches and cream like some think it is.  I have goals and accomplishments i want to fulfill to get me to the next level i want to be at.

What is the message you hope to portray to other plus size men?

My message to all men big, small, short or whatever, do not let your insecurities consume you. Use your flaws to your advantage to show everyone that you can be and do whatever it is you aspire without being the prototype typical person people expect. Remember you have to love and embrace yourself first, once you get there all becomes possible if you put your mind and heart in it.

What to stay up to date with Ady? Find him here:

Instagram @iam_adydelv

Facebook Ady Del Valle 

Snapchat: Adydelv


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