Even in the The Eye of the Storm…

Even in the The Eye of the Storm…

So this week started off really good.  I was feeling fantastic – finally being back up to working out 6 days a week.  My pain had creeped up though and I had a few rough days.  But for the most part things were great.  I have a few things in the fire roasting right now just waiting for them to finish cooking and come to fruition. But I’ve been at peace and enjoying life.

On Wednesday I had a big meeting.  The meeting went well and I left with even more peace and excitement for the future.  Then….on the way home while driving on the 401 – just about at my exit to go to WINGS for group, I was rear ended on the 401.

Now for those of you who have followed my story you know why this is bad even though it’s just a fender bender.  You see I’ve been recovering for 4 ½ years from an accident I was in.  I’m still in the middle of a lawsuit from it and I’m still in pain every day.  It is the main reason why I changed my lifestyle and adopted the whole30 life (no grains, dairy, sugar or processed foods – all foods that cause inflammation in the body) and why I work out regularly and have been working so hard.  This was the last thing I needed and I just got up to working out 6 days a week which I was so stoked about.  Also, my car is just over a year old and was brand new when I bought it….so I’m certainly not very happy….I was hit by a taxi driver the week of the Miss Plus Canada Pageant too so this happening was so not cool. 

But, I had 2 choices when this happened…..I could lose it on the girl who hit me because she wasn’t paying attention or I could keep the peace I had because of all the other exciting things going on in my life and because I know that my Papa in heaven has got me.  I chose the latter.  When I talked to the girl who hit me I actually had great compassion for her.  She had 2 little ones in the car (ages 1 and 2) at the time and was driving a rental.  I later found out that she had a rental because someone had vandalized her car with a crow bar.  After making sure the kids were ok and she was, we started exchanging information and 2 tow truck drivers stopped and helped us out.  They called the police for us, kept us calm and chatted with us while we waited.  They were great!  I even got to talk to one of them about plus size style – his wife was a plus size lady and he thought she’d be interested to know where I shopped.  They then got a call from the police that we needed to go drive to the collision reporting centre after waiting over an hour already. 

But, remaining at peace I went and I went with a good attitude.  That evening after filing the reports I went home and iced, relaxed and just took care of myself and fell asleep really early.  It really shook me up.  But God reminded me of something as I rested that night…..

You see, my licence plates are custom, they read ‘BTY4ASHS’ which means Beauty for Ashes.  It is a very significant verse to me where god promises to bestow a crown of beauty for Ashes upon us.  I normally don’t get anyone asking me what they mean – I mean every once and a while but rarely.  Well even before the accident I was at a set of lets and a guy asked me to roll down my window to ask me what it meant so I told him….then both tow truck drivers asked, and the cop.  And it was almost like my Papa in heaven was giving me kisses from heaven reminding me that He has got me and the HE makes beauty from my ashes.  It was also an opportunity to share a little love and a little bit of my story which was neat.

So, even in the eye of the storm, God is there.  He’s with us, He cares and if we take the time to be still we can hear him even in the middle of that storm.

I took the day after the accident to rest, ice, get to the Doctor and take care of the things I needed to in regards to my car.  My neck is a little stiff but it could have been much worse.  I’m thankful for protection even with the accident occurring.

I’ve received more updates from my meeting on Wednesday and they are all good.  But the most exciting thing is….I didn’t let what happen steal my joy or my peace and in the past, I would have.  I would have been negative and angry and just in a sour mood.  But I wasn’t and that shows me how far I’ve come and how healed my heart is from so many things.

Thank you to all those who messaged me, checked up on me and prayed!  I was overwhelmed by how many of you were there during this time – THANK YOU!

I don’t really have many pics for this post…but one thing I found kinda funny was because I was dressed up for this meeting I looked super cute standing on the side of the highway lol.  Gotta look for the positives everywhere…. Check out the dress below from Voluptuous

Stay Beautiful, 

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  • natalie

    So awesome girl! And super proud of your grace, wisdom & strength under pressure. Love this story! Its such a great example of how to walk through the challenges with the right perspective. Love ya, hope you’re feeling 100% soon too! xoxo

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