Fifth Avenue Jewelry Collection – Miss Plus Canada 2014’s Official Jewelry sponsor

Fifth Avenue Jewelry Collection – Miss Plus Canada 2014’s Official Jewelry sponsor


Growing up I lived a modest life.  We had what we needed, we didn’t know that things were tight financially for my parents but they gave my little sister and I the best lives they could.  We did almost everything together as a family.  Life was all about experiences.  

We didn’t have a lot of extras or brand name clothes but we had what we needed and I never thought I was lacking.  But something that I always loved – and didn’t always get – was bling.  I loved all things that sparkled even as a little girl. I loved playing dress up and feeling pretty – because truth be told – I didn’t always feel pretty and I was reminded regularly at school that I wasn’t because I was a ‘big girl’. 

Why do I talk about this to start a blog about my amazing jewelry sponsor?  I tell you so you can really feel the emotions for me behind the generosity of my friend and sponsor, Karen. 

Karen approached me prior to the Miss Plus Canada Pageant and offered to be my sponsor for my jewelry for the big night.  I was beyond excited!  When I went to her home to pick out pieces for each of my outfits (and more) – I just felt like a princesses.  She wanted me to have nothing but the best and Fifth Avenue certainly is the best when it comes to costume jewelry.  Their designs are contemporary, beautiful, colorful, stylish, amazing quality and boy to they sparkle – which I love!

Shortly after the pageant she approached me and offered to be my sponsor for the year as Miss Plus Canada 2014 Queen to which I was floored!  She asked me to take a look through their online catalog for some more pieces and man oh man was it hard to narrow down my favorites because there are so many amazing pieces!

A little bit about Karen Fawcett Henkel…

Karen has been working with women for over 25 years.  She has helped thousands of women discover their unique style, and has mentored hundreds more in their personal development.  She says, “Women are most beautiful when they are walking freely and fulfilling their unique design.  My passion is leading them.”  It is because of this passion that she does all that she does– to lead women away from the fads of fashion, and towards their own uniqueness!  As a mother of 4 daughters, she celebrates women and creates and atmosphere where they can discover a style all their own.

Karen was unable to attend the Miss Plus Canada Pageant because she was getting married to an amazing man, Art Henkel.  I was so grateful to be able to see them tie the knot the morning of the pageant.  Art is an amazing, Godly man with a father’s heart and I’m so grateful for Karen and Art’s friendship and wise counsel.  You are both such a blessing to me!

I met Karen almost 2 years ago at an event for W.I.N.G.S. Maternity Home.  She also is passionate about WINGS and when we met our hearts connected.  Thank you for being a truly inspirational and Godly woman that I am so honored to look up to.

This year, if you see me at an appearance, or in a photo shoot, know that it is all Fifth Avenue.  If you love one of the pieces I’m wearing (you will probably love it all, just like me), here is how you can order:

Click HERE to launch her store and choose from the amazing designs.  You can also email her at : 

If you would like to have a party or even have Karen guide you – please feel free to reach out to her.

As a single woman who loves jewelry, I am so grateful to Karen for sponsoring me this year!  This is just another area that I have been made to feel so special!

Check out some photos below that feature some of the her Jewelry and stay tuned for my next post from my photo shoot which will 

Until next time lovelies, 
Stay Beautiful!

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