Finding The Perfect Fit

Finding The Perfect Fit

Finding the Right Fit when it comes to jobs, places to live, relationships, men, bras, jeans, and so on can sometimes seem a little daunting.  I think for me the biggest struggle I have found in finding the right fit is men.

I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I guess I’ve sort of created this scenario in my heart of what finding my right fit looks like but it hasn’t quite turned out how I would have expected – I guess that’s why I’m still single.  Well, not I guess, it is the reason I’m still single.

I’m not one to be a casual dater – I really don’t think I’m wired that way at all.  I know what I like and what I want and I have this idea in my head and heart of what that all looks like and when meeting new people if I don’t catch a glimpse of what I’m looking for I really just move on – we may still remain friends but it’s like I stop looking at them romantically.  Maybe that’s where I go wrong? I don’t give people a chance?  I recently tried to force myself to be the casual dater.

I created a profile on Bumble and went out with a few guys.  It was nice to be taken out for dinner and such but as the evening unfolded I just wasn’t feeling many of them.  Sure we could carry on a conversation and have a nice time but throughout dinner I’d hear about his stint in jail, his drug dealing days or he’d made some crude, sexual comment and it’s like an instant turn off.  One guy gave me a bunch of business ideas – or so he thought – he suggested that I start hosting speed dating events for plus size people.  He laid it all out – and although it was interesting and I give him props for having an idea – I don’t think he really understood about body positivity based on some of the comments he made. Then there are guys you do meet who you jive with, have a good time with and is a lot of what you are looking for but isn’t ready for a relationship or where distance is a factor.  So are you starting to see my dilemma in finding the right fit when it comes to finding a man?

But, here’s what I do know and have learned recently, well let’s be honest…I’m still learning and working through….I am pretty awesome.  I have a great life, with lots of things to be thankful for (like a lot) and when it comes to dating you have to take a little bit of a risk to find love.  It’s hella scary let me tell ya, but I just keep remembering that I know that I know that I know (yes that’s a lot of I knows), that there is a special someone out there for me, and I may have to ‘try a few out’ to find my perfect fit.  But regardless of what happens, I am worthy of great love, I am valuable and in the end it will all be worth the wait and kissing a few frogs.  I’ve also learned that opening up this new area of my life has opened up new areas of my heart that have been closed for a very long time.  I’m only used to unhealthy relationships and I don’t trust like at all so it’s been quite the journey to even start dating.  But, I’m not giving up….My perfect fit is out there somewhere.

One thing however that is not so difficult in finding the right fit, is bra’s from Anita.  I recently ordered 3 new bras that were slightly different than what I usually wear.  They are really classy, feel amazing on and I feel super sexy in them.  2 of them were black, lace yet slightly different.  The support in these bras are just amazing.  You can just feel the difference in quality in comparison to the bras I used to wear.  To be honest I’m used to wearing bras that are not full coverage and that have a light padding in them but Anita’s bras are very different and without padding, I feel like my bosoms look fuller than even wearing a padded bra and my clothes certainly fit differently – in a really good way.  They seem to bring my waist in a little bit more too which is nice.  The third bra is a staple that is required as a model – it’s always a struggle to find a good nude bra but this versatile bra is just perfect and the extra wide band makes it even better!

Anita offers so many amazing different style that are guaranteed to make you feel like a woman – even if no one else sees what you’ve got underneath your clothes.  In my body love journey I’ve really appreciated having something sexy on underneath even just for me – it makes me feel sexy and I carry myself just a little bit differently.  I’ve also learned to just lounge around my condo in my pretty underwear to get comfortable in my pretty much naked body. I’ve also really learned the value of a good supportive bra and how far it goes in making me feel and look.

If you didn’t catch my review of their sports bras – be sure to check out that blog HERE




Bra #1 – The Fleur Underwire Bra by Anita (Rosa Faia Brand)

Bra # 2 – Aurelia Seamless Underwire Bra (Rosa Faia Brand)

Bra #3 – Multi-Way Underwire Bra in Nude (Rosa Faia Brand)

Photos by Crave Boudoir 

Hair by Xpression The Salon in Brooklin Ontario

Accessories – David’s Bridal 

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    I hope you find your Mr right you are a sexy woman with what seems a wonderful personality

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