Fitness Bare Necessities

Fitness Bare Necessities

Last week I posted a little bit of a rant on my Instagram Story regarding the health of plus size women.  I don’t normally post rants but it’s been really bothering me that people can look at me (and other friends, bloggers, models, etc) who are plus size and automatically jump to the fact that we are not healthy.  I can only speak for me when I say this but you really have no idea my health by looking at me.  I have been active most of my life and in the gym on a regular basis and I eat very clean.  It is the same as looking at someone who is a size 2 – you don’t know if they are healthy or not. The point is, you can’t tell someone’s health just by looking at them.  It’s time to stop assuming what is going on inside someone’s body – cause you have no idea.

*Rant over*

My workout routine has recently changed in the last few weeks as I’ve joined Hourglass Fitness in Toronto.  I attend 4 bootcamps a week and these are likely the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done in my life.  5 minutes into each class and I’m drenched in sweat.  However I’ve also had to change how I dress in the gym to move around more freely as there is lots of jumping, moving around and some crazy movements.  One of the challenges I’ve had in my workout gear is finding the right bras to work out in.  Most sports bras are made as a Racerbacks and I have not been able to wear them after my accident because they instantly gave me a headache from pulling on my neck and shoulders.  With that said, I knew I needed to find some great quality sports bras that held the girls up with all my movement.  That’s where Anita comes in! So I tried 3 different bras from their Active Line .  I waited to complete this post until I wore them all at least once to a workout so I could tell you how they held up and how they felt.

First of all, they are not boring looking, they have lots of different options and they come in great colours.  Also, inside the cups there is some sort of sweat wicking material which is amazing – so the girls feel dry even though I’m drenched in sweat.  So, let’s see what I tried and I’ll give you my feedback.

First up was the Racerback. I chose the Maximum Support – DynamiXstar in lime green and black.   So, first of all…this was the first RacerBack bra in 5 years that did not give me a headache.  I had it on for 3 hours and no sign of a headhache or pain in my neck and shoulders – huge success already! I think mainly because of where the Racerback part sits – in the swell of my back.  Also, I was well kept in during my workout – no bouncing and they girls did not get in the way.  The straps are adjustable in the front which was something new but really cool.  The design is also really cool looking (or so I like to think).


Next up we have this bad boy – the Firm Support – Xcontrol Sports Bra.  Just like the first bra, it also has the perspiration management system and I love the fit of this bra.  This one also came in one of my fav colours – purple.  The wide band also helps for extra support while moving around lots during my workout and it’s so comfy!!

IMG_6709 IMG_6710

Now, I saved my fav one for last.  Wearing this bra – the Momentum Sports Bra (Maximum support) felt like my ladies were floating on clouds!  I think the straps of the Anita bras are placed in different spots that other sports bras I’ve worn because I’ve never worn sports bras so comfy.

IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6713

Now a couple observations from this line for you to help you figure out if this is the right line for you too.  The bras were really comfy.  The perspiration management system is in all 3 of the bras I ordered and I loved it!  Made me feel less gross post workout.  It’s really nice that the sizing comes in bra sizes that you buy your regular bras in and they are pretty true to size.  I might have been able to go up to a size but given that my size is still changing I’m happy with the size I went with.  These bras are quality and I’ve learned this year that quality bras make a huge difference.  Typical sports bras seem to flatten the girls, however these certainly do not and I love that!  I actually feel sexier wearing these during a workout which gives me an extra bounce in my step during my intense workouts.  They hold up to the job for my boot camps and that’s exactly what I was looking for.  These won’t be the last bras I get from Anita!  I loved them!

Hope this was helpful for you – I know that I’ve had a hard time finding the right sports bras but I think I’ve found my new fav!  And, the best part is they have so many other pieces that I think I may need to try out beyond Active underwear so be sure to check them out!

Here are the links to each of the bras in the order I showed them in:

DynamixStar RacerBack 

XControl Sports Bra 

Momentum Sports Bra




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  • Amber

    Love your blog… out of the three sports bras you tried, which one gives you the least amount of bounce? I need one for running (I’m 40 G)

    • Sarah Taylor

      Honestly, they were all really great to keep the girls in

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