From Casually Challenged to Redefined Style – Featuring Lane Bryant

From Casually Challenged to Redefined Style – Featuring Lane Bryant

When I started this blog about 3 years ago I named it Sarah Taylor’s Journey on purpose.  I have not arrived, my journey continues and my journey has many facets.  Today I get to share a new part of the journey with you that I’m really excited about.

If you had met me 5 years ago I didn’t resemble the woman I am today at all.  I was not confident at all and I hid my body in oversized hoodies, yoga pants or sweat pants and my wardrobe often consisted of men’s sports clothes.  But, since embarking on the journey to love my body and I started modelling my style has evolved.

I’ve mastered the sexy bodycon dresses and dressing up is now an easy task (as opposed to the emotional melt downs I used to have).  However, when it comes to my casual sense of style, I’ve struggled a bit.  I still love my hoodies (they are more form fitting now) and I love a good pair of yoga pants but it’s not a very polished look.  Truth be told that after meeting Ashley Graham during a taping of the Dr. Oz show and seeing how magnificent she was in person I realized that now was the time to step things up.

So, I talked to a good friend of mine, Lisa of the blog MustangSallyTwo and she suggested she style me and help me build my cute, casual and polished wardrobe because I’m kind of at a loss.  If you follow her at all (and you should) she is bold when it comes to fashion and accessories and pulls outfits together so well.  So, we took a trip to Lane Bryant’s online store and picked a couple outfits.

Something that was important about picking pieces was that they could be mixed and matched to make multiple outfits to extend my wardrobe even more.  Lane Bryant has such a great selection of styles which made this process painless and stress free.  One thing that is amazing about Lane Bryant for me as a tall girl is they actually carry tall in some of their pant styles (including jeans) and they are actually long enough!!!  Hallelujah!!! They also carry different pant styles for different body types which made online shopping even easier!

So let’s take a look see at what we chose

Look 1 – I think this one is my favourite and its very outside my normal look.  I just love it!!!

We chose the Fitted Shirt with a Tie in Delicate Peony (I’m all about soft pinks these days) and paired it with the Modernist Lena Crop Pants in white (again, outside my box).  These capris have a little waist band in the top as well to help with fit and structure and helped make the waist so flattering.  Then to finish off the look we chose this adorable Linen Jacket in Tan.  This jacket has a nice stretch to it (for these broad shoulders), is tapered at the waist and is so versatile.  The outfit can be worn with our without the jacket.

_DSC5621_3_DSC5694_3 _DSC5707_3 _DSC5752_3 _DSC5813_3 _DSC5929_3


Look 2

Lisa chose a top totally outside of what I wear – The Embroidered Shirt in White.  It had just the right amount of detail along the neckline to just add something extra.  We paired it with these AMAZING skinny jeans  that have the tighter tummy technology.  They are high waisted so they sit so nicely andddd do you notice how long they are?  Oh and do you see how cute they make my butt look – yup I called it out lol.

_DSC6108 _DSC6208 _DSC6253_DSC6288


Look 3

Now for look 3, we mixed and matched and came up with this cute all white outfit.  We use the Lena Capris in white, paired with the Embroidered Shirt and paired these adorable sandals with it.  I have a hard time finding flat sandals I like that have some cushion and these babies are perfect!  They come in black and nude.

_DSC5957 _DSC5959 _DSC5992

Lisa kept the styling simple by adding some simple accessories to each outfit which just finished off the whole look.

I’m in love with these pieces and have already integrated them into my wardrobe.  The feeling of confidence is even more elevated now that I feel a little more pulled together.  I think sometimes we don’t realize that how we dress not only helps us feel great about ourselves but it’s a difference that others can see in us too.  I never imagined that fashion would be such a big part of my life and I thought it didn’t really matter but it actually goes a long way to help build your confidence even more.

I also got a sneak peak of what’s coming out in the fall at Lane Bryant and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those pieces too as I continue to build my wardrobe for the rest of the seasons.

Stay tuned as I continue on my styling journey …


Makeup, Hair Styling and Photos by Katiuka Idrovo Photography 

Styling by Lisa of the blog MustangSallyTwo

Lucious Locks by Xpression The Salon in Brooklin 

Items are care of Lane Bryant.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Links to the looks (Wearing Size 16 in all looks)

Look 1

Look 2 Size 10

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