Get Out Of The Box

Get Out Of The Box

So often we put ourselves in a box.  It can be from how we see ourselves, what we think we can accomplish, what fun things we can do, what a blessing we could be to someone else and even fashion. I’ve learned that the ability to think and act outside the box comes from a place of contentment where one is at.  This really comes from a peace that passes all understanding really.


This is something I’ve already learned quite a bit about in 2017.  So often I limit myself based on what has been done in the past, what I think I should do, or what others think I should do but I’m quickly starting to think outside the box just a little bit more.  For example, I have some massive goals for this year for myself.  Some of them I’ve wanted to put the wheels in motion for well over a year but out of fear I held back because I was afraid of failing, not doing what is seen as normal and thinking I had to accomplish things in a certain manner.


I started this year doing something a little different.  I bought my first ever Passion Planner and laid out my dreams and goals – for 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and lifetime.  From there I’ve been able to map out my to do lists to help me get to those places I want.  It’s really helping me push the boundaries and get things done!  I’ve learned too that when we put things out there it’s almost like claiming it – one of my goals which seemed like impossible I still wrote down and last week I found out I’ll be able to not only accomplish that goal but like slammed it outta the park and the first month of the year isn’t even over yet!  How exciting and encouraging is that.


And of course I’m thinking outside the box when it comes to fashion too!  Last week on the blog I introduced you to a new fitness line I discovered Lineage Wear (here’s the link to the post in case you missed it:  Well I decided to style a pair of their black leggings in 2 different ways – a sexy outfit and something casual for everyday wear.  I love these tights because they come up right underneath my bra, keep me feeling secure, they are super sleek and versatile.  So from wearing them to workout in, or just running errands or a night out on the town – they go a long way to add to my wardrobe which I’m always a fan of. The other thing is, I often have a hard time finding tights that aren’t see through or long enough and these certainly measure up and then some! Now it’s time to you to start getting out of that box….

Now for all the outfit details:

Tights: Not So Basic Black Leggings from Lineage Wear

Jacket: Rainbow Shops

Top: No Name store in Cali (sorry ladies)

Shoes: Nine West

Photos by Elliot Parrott Photography


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  • Anesha Sylvia

    Looks great! PS – was nice to run into you the other weekend.

    • Sarah Taylor

      Thanks Girl! It was great to see you too xo

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