Headed to the Caribbean in Style 

Headed to the Caribbean in Style 

Sometimes we have days that show us how far we’ve come and have to pinch ourselves to realize that this is our reality… last week I had one of those days.  After work I headed to SexyPlus Clothing (located at 5100 Maingate Drive in Mississauga) to pick up a few things for my vacation to Jamaica this week and some dresses for my trip to Trinidad just days after I return from Jamaica.  Tough life, I know. 

I’m headed to Jamaica for a glorious vacation with one of my besties.  We had this trip planned for a few months and when I won Miss Plus Canada I received a travel voucher from The Flight Centre Scarborough Town so I got to use that towards my first trip to Jamaica – pretty cool.  And a few days after I booked I found out that I’d be heading to Trinidad for the Caribbean Plus Size Fashion Week where I’ll be walking with Miss Plus USA and Miss Plus Universe and be rocking the runway in a few shows for some designers.  To say I’m excited for all October has to offer would be an understatement.

I knew I needed some sizzling outfits for both trips so of course I headed to SexyPlus.  Not only did I get to try on a bunch of stuff that I love, Stefanie, the owner spent a few hours with me photographing my outfits.  Now, when you start doing anything in pageants and the modeling world you think that all it is about is wearing pretty clothes, getting your hair and makeup done and taking pictures.  And having been told that I was photogenic I thought that this was going to be a cake walk.  Turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks.  And as I’ve said before, I was planning and preparing the rest of my year based on not winning so I didn’t quite expect to still be working on all this stuff.  With that said, I’m so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that I’ve been blessed with. 

My naturally expressive, Italian hand and facial expressions that are sometimes (OK, most times) beyond dramatic and over the top and don’t exactly capture well on film.  It’s a whole learning curve on posing, your body positioning, angles, placement of hands, facial expressions and so on and I usually get so tense when I’m going to pose for a photo because I’m so nervous and thinking of all the things I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing. Oh and then there is maintaining a beautiful & captivating smile for the entire time your shooting, also easier said than done.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work with Rebecca Northcott Photography and Stefanie who help relax me a little bit more, I’m so thankful for their peaceful presence and loads of patience with me.  In the parking lot at SexyPlus, Stefanie put on some reggae music to make sure I was relaxed as well which was just too funny and so right!

I still have a ways to go when it comes to taking amazing photos but I’m getting there and so enjoying the journey.  I know its a little unorthodox to talk about the challenges of a photo shoot but it kind of goes with my whole being transparent in my journey.  Also, for those who have the dreams I have but think it’s impossible, take it from me that it’s not.  Go after your dreams full throttle and as a good friend of mine says “Always Try” (Ophilia Alleyne of Ophilia’s Kurves)

Check out what I tried on and what I chose for my trips and check out the ‘blooper’ shot I included too. 
All jewelry is by Karen with Fifth Avenue Collection – to order click HERE

Maestro Mesh Top/Dress
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Cayman Islands Dress
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The Deelite Dress 
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Tropical Fantasy Dress
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New Joseph Ribkoff Dress
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Columbiana Keyhole Dress
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Photos from Rebecca Northcott Photography shot at the Kurves are In segment with Ophilia’s Kurves – check out my blog on this dress – I just had to have it for Jamaica!

And as promised … here’s a blooper for you …

Stay tuned to see pics and blogs from my trips.  

Stay Beautiful,

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