Holiday Double Slay 2017 with MustangSallyTwo and Full Beauty

Holiday Double Slay 2017 with MustangSallyTwo and Full Beauty

Christmas is my favorite holiday season, minus the whole cold weather bit.  I’m not sure if it’s my favorite because I’m also a Christmas baby or what, but it likely has something to do with it.  I love finding the perfect birthday party outfit and outfits for all the Christmas Parties but looking for these outfits used to be so painful.


I remember as a little girl just finding clothes for everyday was so emotional.  I can recall going shopping with my mom and cutting our trip short because I couldn’t find anything that fit, and I ended up sitting in a corner of the change room crying and we’d just go home.I loathed my body and what it looked like.  At the age of 12, I was a size 12 and I was already at least 5’8.  Nothing fit and if it did it was something my mom or grandma wore or I got it from the men’s department.  I also couldn’t go shopping with my girlfriends because nothing fit me in the stores they shopped at and there were no stores that had my size.


Now, if I could go back and talk to that little girl I would tell her how beautiful she was, just he way she was and that nothing was wrong with her.  Back then finding plus size fashion was so hard and so emotional but things have changed so much!  We now have so many options and we can adorn our curves with so many beautiful designs.


Full Beauty is an amazing option when it comes to finding fashion for the plus size woman.  They carry over 300 American and European brands for women sizes 12-44!  Talk about inclusive!!! Do you know how easy that makes shopping and how enjoyable?!?!


Not only do they have so many different brands, they are big on fit and selection so you know you are getting quality fashion to celebrate your curves.  They also have accessories, shoes, lingerie, and the list goes on.  Literally your one top shop!


I love that my friend Lisa, of the blog MustangSallyTwo and I can shop amazing fashions from the same place!  We chose an outfit for the Christmas Season that we know you’ll love!  I remember as a kid I couldn’t shop where my friends shopped, Full Beauty changes that!  Lisa is one of the amazing women I’ve met since I started modelling and blogging.  We’ve grown to become great friends.  And let me tell ya…this woman is a power house!  She’s beautiful, smart, kind and super ambitious!  I’m so proud of all you have accomplished in the last couple of years and I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed.


Both of our looks (from head to toe) are from Full Beauty!  Be sure to check them out and have fun exploring all that they offer and of course, Merry Christmas!


Check out some more photos of us Double Slaying!  Oh and check out how fierce Lisa is …wozers!!!




Here are the links to my outfit details

Jumpsuit – size 1x





Hair, Makeup and Photography by Katiuska Idrovo

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