I AM Enough…

I AM Enough…

I’ve been struggling to put into words what I wanted to portray in this blog but this morning I woke up inspired, feeling confident and clear headed.  All my life I’ve struggled with feeling like I was enough – but not too much.  But the truth of the matter is, I am enough, period.

I really believe that we learn so much in our journeys and while some say that they’ve already arrived, I really don’t think that that’s true.  We are constantly learning new things, adapting to new life situations, facing the emotions and feelings that come up with the good and the bad and we continue to journey through life.  If you’ve arrived, I guess it would mean that you were done learning, but are we ever done learning?  This is the exact reason that I named my blog Sarah Taylors Journey.  My hope is to share what I learn as I go in hopes to help you with your day to day life as well.


I’m not perfect, and I don’t need to be.  I’m flawed, but that’s ok – we all are in some way.  I think something for me that I’ve struggled with is that I have lived in my past too much.  I talk about my past and its learnings to help women and I’ve learned a tonne….but putting what I’ve learned into practice is entirely different.  I’ve created this safe little bubble for myself and recently I’ve broken out of that little bubble.  In the process I got hurt but I learned so much through it, after and will continue to learn as I move forward.

So, what does that look like moving forward for me?  Well it means taking what I’ve learned, applying it to my life and my actions and living out of the now, rather than being labelled by my past still.  I didn’t think I was still bound by my past but I can see how I have been as I navigate new relationships, new adventures in life and I haven’t been living out of this confident woman that is on the inside – it’s time for her to breakout and walk in all her fierceness.  I think I also thought that because I went through so much in my past and had to overcome so much that I wouldn’t face heartache again and that I sort of had immunity to it – well I was wrong in that department.  But, in each situation I will be grateful for the life lessons, I will get back up and I will be stronger and will continue to get stronger.


As I am, I am enough, and so are you.  This outfit is a reflection of me breaking out and really accepting all of who I am and really showing that I am enough, to myself.  I’m not wearing shape wear as I bare my tummy, this is me, just me.  I am beautiful, I am confident, I am loving, I am compassionate, I am giving, I am caring, I am sexy and I am hella strong.

I saw this sexy crop top from Got Curves and I knew I needed it in my life.  I’m always so nervous when purchasing from a lingerie company – will it fit, what it will feel like, how will I feel.  Well it seems like everything from Got Curves has fit well, feels great on and makes me feel a little more empowered and helps me see my sexy side just a little bit more.  I’m noticing that I have a preference for all things leather like though… LOL.  I paired this top with my fav tights from Fashion Nova Curve and some really sexy booties. (Take a look below for outfit details and coupons for happy shopping).




Fishnet and Wet Look Racer Back Sports Bra by Got Curves – use coupon code SARAHTJOURNEY for 15% off your order

Tights – Fashion Nova Curve – coupon code xoSarahTaylor for 15% off

Photos by SexySassyPhoto

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  • Ena

    Well said beautiful!

  • Tracy Brehmer

    I am glad to see such confidence, I’m a fan of yours. Your very beautiful.

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