I Scream, You Scream…

I Scream, You Scream…

Ok so maybe you don’t scream but I’ve been screaming (on the inside at least) the last 3 weeks because I’ve been so sick!  It all started off with Bronchitis right out of the gates for 2017.  I did what I hate to do and that was rest, rest, rest to try and get better quickly.  I was on the up and up and then I got slammed with a stomach bug that has lasted like a week!  It’s been horrible in all honesty.  I had plans to get back into the gym at the first of the new year.  Not because of the whole New Year New Me mentality but New Year same me and part of who I am is someone who is active and in the gym regularly.  But the last few months have been quite a challenge physically.  Even before the bronchitis – I was off the gym for like 3 months because I sprained ligaments in my neck and could hardly move…had to quit going to the bootcamp I love and riding my bike to work because of my injuries.  But what have I learned with all my downtime…well I’ve actually learned a lot….


For starters I’ve learned to love my body and not judge the extra few pounds I’ve gained because I haven’t been working out.  This may not seem like a big deal to you but this is massive for me!!!  As a girl who would beat herself up for weight gain and has been a constant dieter, this is actually huge.  I just kind of let go to some of the ideas I had in my head and it’s actually been pretty cool.  But, something else I’ve learned is that for me, being in the gym affects more than my actual body and while those affects are massive (when it comes to my pain management and the reflection in the mirror), the biggest impact I’ve noticed is the affect of not working out on my mind, clarity, emotions and anxiety.  For the first time in my life I’ve dealt with anxiety the last few months and what would naturally be a physical release for me being in the gym – has been impossible because of being so sick.  I’ve had to learn new ways to deal with anxiety and my emotions – stay tuned on a blog with all that stuff. I’ve really learned the real reason I work out and it’s not because of how it changes my outside, its how it keeps my insides in tact.


This down time has really forced me to reflect and gain an appreciation for my body and a reminder as to why I stay active, why I eat healthy and live a balanced life.  This time off has really solidified my body confidence even more and has reminded me of all the affects of living a healthy life has one a person and why I will continue to share about my fitness and overall health journey.  I have received quite a bit of flack for talking about my weight loss (how can you be body positive and plus size, pfttt, don’t ever ask me that) , or losing weight but it’s so much more than that and people don’t get it but I will keep sharing so people gain some more understanding.  Here’s what I know for certain….living a balanced and healthy life is important.  What that looks like for everyone can be totally different.  But for me, that means being in the gym on a regular basis (as it helps my pain levels from a past car accident, my state of mind and I just feel damn good), eating clean as it also has major affects on my pain levels and clarity and proper rest.  I personally do best when I have a good routine and am consistent in all of the above.  This is no longer about a number on the scale, or a certain waist size or what I look like, it’s gone beyond that and really is about who I am and how I feel.  Sure my weight may change but it’s nice to know that if it does, it no longer affects how much I love me or my body or my worth and that is pure freedom in my mind.


Now one of the things that I find important when it comes to working out – I sound so serious – is having good workout gear.  This can be a challenge not only as a plus size woman but a tall plus size woman (we’re talking a 36 inch inseam) but to be honest, fitness gear is one of my addictions – I can fully admit it, that and buying too much underwear and swimsuits I don’t need and sparkling water – I suppose there could be worse addictions.  But, I’ve stumbled across a new line of workout tights that I just love and are sooooo great for us plus size ladies and they are long enough for these thunder thighs.  So let me introduce you to Lineage Wear.  Ok so the first thing that got my attention is their obvious choice of wicked cool patterns like these Ice Cream ones buttt…here’s the 2 best features in my opinion…these are high waisted – now usually when a brand says that I quickly find out they are joking because I’m so tall – I don’t just have long legs, I have a long torso as well but these ones are legit high waisted! Like they come up to under my bra – I can actually tuck them under my bra if I wanted to but there really is no need cause these suckers don’t slide down. You can also fold the panel down if you don’t want them as high. The other great part is the quality of the material and how they just keep everything just tucked right in.  I got another pair too that I’ll post next week to show the versatility of these tights – from workout to on the street. In terms of sizing, I sized up a size just because they are snug fits – so keep that in mind as you purchase your pair.  But you’ll want to get your hands on these for sure – be sure to check out all their cool patterns!



Bra: Under Armour

Tights: Lineage Wear 

Shoes: Nike

Photos by Elliot Parrott Photography

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    Thank you for the review. Reading about the fit with a background on how tall you are has helped me make a decision.

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