It’s OK to Ask for Help, I did!

It’s OK to Ask for Help, I did!

I’m someone who has been through hell and back and survived and sometimes that makes me think that I need to handle everything coming at me on my own.  However, in the last few months I realized that I needed to ask for help in my life.  You see, although from the outside looking in my life seems like all roses, and don’t get me wrong, I do have an amazing life and so much to be thankful for but there are some new hurdles I’ve had to face.

Full disclosure here, some of those things included moving Downtown Toronto and being alone most of the time, dating again and all the while still trying to move forward with my big goals and plans.  Some of this stuff has caused anxiety, like crazy anxiety like I’ve never experienced in my life.  For me, that means I have this pit in my stomach, my brain won’t shut off and I keep going through scenarios in my mind.  A couple months into this I realized that this wasn’t ok and something needed to change and I finally decided to reach out for help.  The cool thing is, I knew exactly who to ask…Coach Sophia.

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I met Sophia this summer at an event and as she describes it was a fan girl moment for her – which took me by surprise but was kind of neat.  We got to see each other at a few more events and I discovered more of what she does as a coach.  We ended up collaborating in November and producing my first Curvy Confident Bootcamp where I got to share with some beautiful women my story and some of the things I learned about being confident.  The night I led this bootcamp I was on such a high and was reminded of my purpose here on this earth.  But, the next day the same feelings of anxiety were still there.  It was at this point I knew I needed to ask Sophia for help.

So what exactly does Sophia do for her clients, well the question is more, what doesn’t she do?  She is a Body Positive Life Coach who helps women stop waiting on the weight and start living their most luscious life now.  Her tag line is the best – “Grab life by the love handles”! She works with women on learning to love themselves, living their best lives, accomplishing their goals, dealing with their anxieties and even helps when it comes to dating.


Sophia and I at my Curvy Confident Boot camp in November 2016

As a woman who spends her life working to encourage women to love themselves and their bodies, I thought I was immune to new layers of healing, pain and figuring of things out.  So with my head held low, I went to her discouraged, feeling broken, anxiety ridden and scared.  But after 4 sessions with Sophia she gave me some tips on how to deal with my anxieties but she also put a lot of things into perspective.  We explored what I thought worst case scenarios were and she like walked me backwards to put things into perspective realizing that things aren’t out of control.  Speaking of control…. she helped me realize the most valuable lesson that has really shifted things for me.  What’s that you ask – well, we discovered that a lot of my anxiety is as a result of me having a hard time letting go of control and not knowing the outcome of a situation.  I have been a planner all of my life but there are certain things I cannot plan for or control and she really taught me a lesson in learning to let go of knowing the outcome and just going with the flow a little bit more.

Sophia always had a variety of tools to help me process.  Sometimes I didn’t want to do what she was suggesting but she would push me and I always came to a new level of understanding and peace which is what I needed the most – peace.

I think for me the hardest part of this new phase in my life has been dating.  I only know what it’s like to be in an unhealthy relationship and I’ve had a horrible picker in men in the past.  Before my ex-husband I didn’t really date and so it’s like I’ve had to learn what dating is like for someone who is a teenager.  I’ve also had to learn to separate my value and worth based on what men think, do or how they act.  There were times I had to text her in a flurry and just ask her what to do and she always had the right words to say to calm me down and keep moving.


Sophia speaking at an event put on by Crave Boudoir at SexyPlus Clothing where her and I shared our story with some amazing women!

The other thing I realized with working with her is that the things that used to help me get to a place of peace or confidence have changed.  It’s almost like I’ve dealt with underlying layers and this is just a new layer, but new tools were required to see change in my life.

On my last call with Sophia (which was kind of an emergency call) she really helped me detach my emotions from a specific situation, access it for what it was and help me regain my voice and values.  Not only did her call help calm me down, but it empowered me to use my voice and stand up for what I want.  As a result, I was able to go into a conversation clear headed and although I was expecting and preparing for a negative outcome, it actually turned out quite positive and I was able to regain a sense of direction and peace.

There’s so much more I could say but I’ll leave it at this.  Working with Sophia has changed so much in my life.  She gave me new tools in my toolbox to make a difference in my life that I could actually apply to my unique situation.  She made me feel heard, safe and I could ask her anything (and still can). She tailors her programs to each woman she works with, it’s not just a template or script she follows which I think is the best part.


Sophia, myself and Catrina at an event at David’s Bridal where we all get to try the full bridal experience – how fitting (no pun intended)

I do have a special treat for you too just to give you a taste of how she may be able to help you when it comes to dating.  Click HERE to get your pre-date ritual checklist and you’ll also be entered to win a dating coaching session with Sophia – that’s a $300 value!

If you are looking for some guided help in the form of a coach I really encourage you to contact Sophia!  You won’t regret it, and remember – it’s ok to ask for help, I did!

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