#LoveBodyJourney- Sarah Taylor’s Journey launches a new hashtag to encourage others to share their journey to loving their bodies

#LoveBodyJourney- Sarah Taylor’s Journey launches a new hashtag to encourage others to share their journey to loving their bodies

The journey to love my body has been a long one.  It took almost 30 years…30 YEARS?!?!?!?! Come on now, that’s ridiculous, right?

That outrageousness is the exact reason why I share my journey to self-love – so that others can get there sooner than I did.  And even if they’re past 30, that they get there sooner rather than later.

The journey to loving my body, started on the inside.  I had to embrace the woman that I was, work through some major healing, re-record that tape in my head that told me that I was ugly, fat, lazy, no good, selfish, too much, had too much personality…too much everything really and yet still not enough.

This is the reason that I am officially launching my hashtag #LoveBodyJourney.  You can use this hashtag as you post your journey to self love on Instagram and I will be re-posting your pictures! Let me see those pics of you ‘feelin yourself’ as Beyonce would say and share your message with other.  Will you join me on the journey to learning to love you, and love your body?!  This has been something I’ve been thinking about this for a few months after some chats with a couple mentors, but was recently inspired by a friend who posted a picture of herself on Instagram in a bikini after telling me I inspired her to wear one because I wore one and shared it.

Loving one’s body isn’t just for themselves…it’s a gift that you can give to others so they can in turn love theirs.

​So let’s talk about actually loving yourself, your body and how you can actually get there….let me give you some of my thoughts and ideas based on what I did and continue to do.

When I hear women tell me that they have decided to step outside their box and wear something like a bikini, it makes sharing my life and being so transparent worth all the vulnerability that goes into sharing my life as an open book.  If I’m being 100% honest with you, I usually receive messages from women on the days that I question why I share, why I do what I do and usually end up shedding a few happy tears when I receive messages like this because it’s confirmation that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and it helps me to keep going.

​The number one question that I get asked when I speak at events, or post blogs, etc. is – Sarah, how did you learn how to love yourself.   And to be honest there are so many small, consistent steps that I’ve taken to get there and it still requires daily decisions when I look at myself in the mirror every morning.  Some days are harder than others but I choose love at the end of every day. But, if you are looking for some ways to get there, here’s a quick summary of things I’d work on right away.

  1. If there are areas of your heart that are hurting, I would focus on healing those.  For me, I started this post separation from my ex-husband and then as we divorced.  My heart was broken and I needed to focus on healing.  During that process I started to see light at the end of the tunnel, hope if you will.  This was a very foundational portion to loving me.  If you have suffered from an abusive relationship like I did, you not only have to battle the voices you have in your own head that tear you down, but voices and words from your abuser.  That needs to be healed. 
  2. Start Re-Recording that tape in your head that tells you horrible, untruthful things about yourself and ripping off those negative labels people have put on you.  For me, I wrote out the things I actually did like about myself…yup that was hard to do and I had to ask some close family and friends for help with my list – do what you have to do to get that list put together
  3. Once you have this list – put it in places you will see every day.  For me, that meant on my mirror, on my nightstand, and I made a digital version and it was my desktop on my computer.  And then….I started reading those words out loud every day and started each word with I am.  So, I told myself things like:

And guess what….one day, I actually started to believe them and had truly learned what it meant to love who I was.  For me, that day came on my way to hang out with one of my besties, Katherine.  I had looked in the rearview mirror while I was driving in the country and actually looked at myself and saw love for me and actually said out loud, I love me! I of course shed a few tears, true to Sarah form.  When I got to Katherine’s house I had told her what had happened on my way to her house and guess what she told me….are you ready for this….

She told me that as she unpacking that morning (she had just moved into a new place), she had found a journal from when she was in college (we are talking from like probably 8-10 years ago) and the journal entry she found was a prayer for me…that I would one day learn to love me.  So there we stood together just crying even more because of what had just happened.

Talk about a beautiful moment, one I will never forget.  And don’t I have great friends who have prayers like that for me, that they truly want the best for me?  They saw something in me that I never saw and they prayed that I would one day see it.  Who knew it would be a gift that I could give others?!


​4. Now this last idea I’ll share with you has been harder….and has been part of the process the last year and a half or so.  Meaning, it took me a while to work up to it…. I started standing in front of my mirror naked or in my bra and underwear and just started looking at my body and learning to appreciate the beauty in it.  Learning to appreciate all of it and LOVE all of it.  That includes loving my tummy which you may have heard me say it’s ugly in the past.  I am really trying to appreciate all of my body and love it, unapologetically, TODAY.  Yes, I’ve lost about 80 pounds in the last year and a half and that’s been a journey to love my body each day as it has changed and to keep my focus on the reason why I’ve been working on getting healthy – my original goal to get pain free from the trauma of a car accident 5 years ago.  I’ll be sharing more on this part of my journey soon, so stay tuned.

So, there you have it….this was part of my journey to loving me and just some of the practical tips and ways I have journeyed through learning to love me (who I am as a woman) and my body.

My goal in life is to continue to help women (and men) to see how valuable, beautiful and worthy they are.  When you see that, you are able to live your best life, make better choices for your life and life in peace & harmony with yourself and those around you.  If I hadn’t have learned all of this, there is no way I would have been able to do the things I have when it comes to modeling, speaking in schools, blogging my journey and sharing my life with you all.  But, because of that journey, I share.  So that one day, you too might love you and share that gift with someone else!  Self-love truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Check out some more pics from my recent shoot with the talented Robert Skuja Photography.  We shot these after shooting a video for my audition for SLINK Jeans’s Model Search.  

Help me spread my body positive message by using my new hashtag #LoveBodyJourney and by voting for me – click HERE to vote!  The winner of this content will win a 1 year modeling contract with True Model Management and a cash prize from SLINK Jeans – a company that promotes self love! Stay tuned for more details later this week on this submission. 

Stay Beautiful,

Photos by Robert Skuja
All photos © 2015 Robert Skuja Photography
Eye Lashes (extensions) by Love Ur Look Beauty my official eyelash specialist
Styling, Makeup & Hair by – ME!

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    You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. I love reading your blog as it jnspires me to believe in myself and love me for being me.

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