When summer time is about to hit we see on magazines, on memes, on-line, in print, everywhere the question – Is your body summer ready, swim or bikini ready?  Last week I saw a meme with Winne the Pooh asking me if my summer body was ready and just like Winnie looked down at his body – so did I.  Only thing is instead of thinking my body wasn’t ready for a swimsuit I thought – heck yes, I can’t wait to live in a swimsuit for the summer!

When I look back at photos of myself on vacation through my teens and 20’s you would have found Sarah with a swimsuit on, but she also had shorts and a t shirt on top or was covered up with a cover up that was likely black.  Like legit I’d take my cover up all the way to the water so that no one saw me just in my swimsuit.


Well those days are longgggg gone and I’m all about loving this body and I’m showing off #MySwimBody with Swimsuits for All.  I’ve had my eye on this Gabi Fresh suit from Swimsuits for All for a while now and it couldn’t be more fitting for my personality and expression of style.  It’s actually funny – while I was at the beach I had a girl watching me in it and she was like where did you get that – you look amazing!!!!  She was a plus size girl too and I think she saw that regardless of size – you can rock a swimsuit and feel comfortable in your own skin.


And this is why myself and so many others do what we do – for women to see that they are beautiful, that their bodies are beautiful and to be celebrated and that their curves can and will be adorned with the beautiful things they want to wear!


It was actually interesting timing for me to get in a swimsuit.  I have totally taken focus off weight loss the past few months to focus on getting my back out of pain from my car accident over 5 years ago and I’ve gotten a little fluffier in the process.  In the past – this may have sent me into a tailspin and a meltdown but when I saw these photos I truly saw my body for how beautiful it really is – just as it is today.  And again it really goes to show that the number on the scale does not define me – nor does it define you.


I love #MySwimBody because its bold, beautiful and helps me accomplish so much.  What’s stopping you from seeing how beautiful you and your body are today?  Will you join me and Swimsuits for All in celebrating our curves?  Post a photo of you in a swimsuit using the hashtag #MySwimBody and tell Swimsuits for All (and me) why you love your swim body.

It’s time to take our bodies back and truly see how beautiful it is!

This suit is from Swimsuits for All – my fav place to get swimsuits.  This one is from the GabiFresh Line – which I love!!!!!


Photos by Robert Skuja
All photos © 2016 Robert Skuja Photography

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