Plus Size Athletes – Confidence on and off the Field and Court

Plus Size Athletes – Confidence on and off the Field and Court

Someone recently referred to me as an athlete and I was like, me, an athlete?!?!  And then I realized they were right.  But what kind of athlete am I?


Well, back in the day I actually played a lot of sports – Rugby, Basketball (that’s a given because of my height), Football (touch football…and again I was scouted at the gym and they thought I was perfect because of my size), Volleyball and Softball.  Now here is the thing…I loved playing but I had nooooo confidence.


You see, confidence doesn’t just affect embracing fashion and being able to say, wear a bikini to the beach but it actually affects every aspect of your life!  From career, fashion, fitness, athletics, relationships and so on.  Now the one thing that was consistent feedback from all my coaches was this…Sarah, if you were as aggressive on the field or the court with your mouth, you would be amazing.  But, I was so timid, I wasn’t confident in the way I moved, I hesitated with every move on the field or the court.


Looking back, I wish I had worked on my confidence, learning to embrace my body and comfortable with the body moving because it would have made such a massive difference in the sports I played.  It would have also made a difference in my academics and my relationships.

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But there is no point wishing I learned sooner, the important thing is I have learned now and I continue to grow and develop in new areas.  What is stopping you from learning to be confident?  Maybe now is the time to take stock of where you are at, what you want to do in the future and make a plan to figure out what you can do to start making changes to live your life confidently.

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I thought I’d give you a glimpse into some of my athleticism for this post.  All of these outfits are from Soffe and they really reminded me of my days playing sports.  I remember being super self-conscious wearing shorts playing sports too, now that’s not even an issue and I loveeee wearing shorts especially now that it is summer weather.  I can move freely, am comfortable and can play my sports and be athletic in full confidence!  Sofee is available online and now at Macy’s and now carry plus sizes.  I love fitness gear companies who offer options for us plus athletes!

Items are care of Soffe.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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