Say Goodbye to Chub Rub – Featuring ChafeZone for Chub Rub

Say Goodbye to Chub Rub – Featuring ChafeZone for Chub Rub

Ever since I was a kid, I always had this problem but I never wanted to talk about it because I was so embarrassed.  It always got worse in summer months as I would be in my swimsuit or shorts or even playing sports throughout the year.  It’s this nasty thing that happens when your thighs rub together…chub rub.

I stayed away from wearing shorts and swimsuits because of this and also because I hated my body.  I couldn’t avoid wearing shorts or swimsuits when I’d go on vacation somewhere hot (even though I’d wear lots of layers to hide my body) and the result of wearing them was severe pain!

However, as the years have gone by and I’ve gotten more comfortable in my body and realized my thick thighs were an asset and not a curse I’ve loved wearing shorts, skirts, dresses an swimsuits.  But, the problem of chub rub still existed and I have tried everything to try and prevent it – I mean everything!

I tried shorts (compression, spanx, workout shorts, cotton shorts, etc), I tried baby oil, tanning oil, deodorant but nothing seemed to last.  I”ve found some great things to wear now that are shorts to wear under dresses but that still didn’t help when it came to living in a swimsuit on vcation or in the summer or wearing shorts or skirts I didn’t want to wear spanx with…that is, until I went on vacation in February.

I tried a new product – I used it every day for the week while I was away just to make sure it really did work.  It’s called Chafe Zone for Chub Rub.  I put it on in the morning before heading to the pool, in the evening when I went out for the night and you know what…this stuff actually works and lasts for hours (even after being in the pool).  Normally by the end of vacation my inner thighs are so raw from rubbing and this home, I went home with beautiful, un chaffed thighs!!

Something that is really cool as well is that MedZone originally carried this product for sports but has recently expanded to address chub rub that women face – it even has pretty pink packaging and a softer smell.  They have a variety of other products too – I’m excited to try their pain rub!  The ChubRub stick comes in a full size and travel size so you can slip it in your purse and take it on the go.  The other thing I really appreciate as a consumer is they have listened to a problem us plus women have and have come up with a solution that works.  They really get it – and for me, that goes a long way!

I did this little video on my last day and posted it and so many women commented on it saying they had the same issue so I decided I should share my review about it and just even talk about chub rub.  So often as plus size women we are afraid to talk about the things happening with our bodies because we feel embarrassed but there is no need to and there is an amazing solution to the problem.


As you prepare for the summer weather or an upcoming vacation, make sure to get your hands on some of this stuff – it will save so much agony – trust me!

You can get it online at HERE on

If you are in Canada you can order directly from their website HERE


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