Snow Chance

Snow Chance

Of course with a shirt on the blog that says “Snow Chance”, it actually had to snow here in Toronto.  Now, if you know me at all, you know I live for being at the beach (well it’s one of a few precious things I live for).  

I also wanted to play on the whole ‘no chance’ type message that this awesome sweater from Addition Elle portrays.  Originally I was thinking along the lines of like ‘no chance’ when it came to putting up with stuff from men (sorry men, not tryin to insult).  But then I realized that I’m not about being negative on my blog and I want to encourage not just have a b*tch fest.  

Then this week happened and it all came to me…there ain’t NO CHANCE I’m going to let fear stand in my way any longer.  Yes, you see me do lots of amazing things, I have opportunities I never, ever dreamed or imagined happening but there are more things I want to accomplish and some of them I have been too afraid to take a step out of the boat to do.

The fear of rejection, the fear of not being liked, the fear of what people think, the fear of failing….all that….and it’s all lies!  And, I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to believe the lies, I’m no longer going to allow fear to be the reason I don’t do something and I’m no longer to going sit by the sidelines. 

I have worked too hard to own who I am, to love who I am and to claim the ground I’ve already walked.  I have not arrived, I desire to keep growing, keep learning, keep pushing forward, striving for more.  Not to just have more, but to make more of a difference in this world.  This is not all about me, this is greater than that.  

If I were to stop taking risks, stop moving forward, stop working….I would only start going backwards.  We aren’t given things in life to just get them.  We are given opportunities so that we can grow, learn, develop and keep going on the journey of life and maybe even help a few people along the way as we learn.  So many people see life as a destination, but it’s really about the journey.  

So, no more living in fear. No going backwards.  No backing down.  And there ain’t no chance this girl is giving up.  

Stay Beautiful,

Now for the outfit….
Touque & Accessories by Ardene
Sweater by Addition Elle
White Jeans from Long Tall Sally’s (a few seasons ago)
Shoes by Puma
Photos by Robert Skuja
All photos © 2015 Robert Skuja Photography
Eye Lashes (extensions) by Love Ur Look Beauty my official eyelash specialist
Styling, Makeup & Hair by – ME!

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