Sometimes Plan…But sometimes WING it

Sometimes Plan…But sometimes WING it

At the beginning of 2015 I had set out with 2 themes for the year but to be honest I had sort of forgot I did that by the end of the year until I went back to look at my 2015 year in review.

With that said, I think that I embraced the 2 themes I had set out….They were:

I actually had “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength” tattooed on my ribs at the beginning of 2015 so I had a daily reminder of this one.  I had this tattooed in this spot for a specific reason….my ribs frequently pop out and cause a lot of pain and this was a reminder of who gives me strength – regardless of what’s going on. 

This year for me was not only a year of some absolutely amazing opportunities and dreams coming to pass, but it was a year of deep peace and joy within my heart and mind because I have chosen to submit my life, my decisions and my path to God.  Has it always been an easy road, hellll no but let me tell ya… was worth every step!!!

In the last week of 2015 I took some time to write out some of my goals, ideas and dreams for the coming year.  I wouldn’t really call them resolutions, but more like next steps for me in my journey.  There are some things that I have not done and steps I have not taken out of fear and this year I don’t want fear to hold me back.  I very prayerfully wrote out this list of goals and dreams for the year.  There’s also one item on my list that isn’t exactly a goal but a heart’s desire and not something I can plan for, other than just being me and being prepared for it. 

In my Christmas card from my Mom this year she wrote the following scripture and I really am claiming this scripture as one of my themes for 2016:

After putting this all together, I almost felt like my planning and preparation for 2016 was not quite complete but there was something still missing…..and then I remembered that a friend told me about a movie they just watched called “The War Room“. 

So, on New Years Day I rented it and it really just rocked my world.  It is a movie that shows the power of prayer and it sparked something new in me.  Then on Saturday I went out to Chapters and bought a few things to set the tone for my year….

  • 2 new books – both that were inspired by the War Room – Fervent – A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer and The Battle Plan for Prayer (From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies)
  • I had also had this idea that I wanted to keep track of all the exciting things that happen over the year, so I could look back at the end of the year to see what happened in the year and to encourage me on days I may be down.  So I bought a small journal that is gold and says ” Little Gold Book”.  This will be all my gold nuggets throughout the year!
  • 2 new mugs… one says ” Dream Big, Always Sparkle, and Shine Bright” and “Sometimes Plan but Sometimes Wing it”.
  • I also got some new workout gear that fits right too which is nice – stay tuned to my Social Media for some of my awesome gear (totally got a lot of Disney Princess gear lol)
I am going into this new year expectant of some amazing things happening…..Things that are beyond exciting opportunities.  I’m expecting greater leaps and bounds of healing in my heart as well as greater leaps and bounds when it comes to discovering my purpose and fulfilling it. My hands are open to receive and I will be diligent to pursue deeper healing and contentment in my life with every step I take. 

I have a few changes coming on the way on my blog so be sure to stay tuned to what’s coming this year.  I can’t wait to share some new ideas with you.  My hope and payer is to keep inspiring you to live your best life. 

What do you have in mind for 2016?  Are you into making New Year’s Resolutions?  Have you made some goals for the year, for your life?  Are you in a place that you can do any of these things?  I think it’s important to have some direction in life, goals are great!  Whatever your way of doing thing, do it with all you got.  This is a new year, a new season and it’s exciting, or it can be.  

My prayer for you this year is that you would have a greater understanding of how amazing you are, that you would see how beautiful you are and that you would have an overwhelming amount of love to give onto other people.  Life live to its fullest and dream BIGGER than BIG!!!!

Sometimes its good to plan for the future, and some things, you will have to WING it…so here’s to both in 2016!

Stay Beautiful, 

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