Summer Styling with Sarah @ SexyPlus Clothing- Sassy

Summer Styling with Sarah @ SexyPlus Clothing- Sassy

This week on the blog I have 3 looks for you!  Yup, 3.  They are part of a series – Summer Styling with Sarah at SexyPlus Clothing (located at 5100 Maingate Drive, Mississauga and also online at  Welcome to part 2 of Sweet, Sassy and Sexy. Monday I debuted my ‘sweet’ look and today I’ll debut my Sassy look.

If you missed my Sweet look, check it out HERE 

Sassy, not to be confused with saucy is a bit of a new persona for me as well as a new look.  I used to be the girl full of attitude and who knew everything and had to constantly one up your story because I was so insecure.  It’s interesting to actually look back at the way I was and see how it was directly related to what was going on in my life as well as my heart – which is something I talked about in Monday’s post.


Something else I’ve really tried to embrace is what my body looks like without shape wear.  As a model a staple in your model bag is nude and black shape wear and I’ve gathered quite the collection of different shape wear for different things but this outfit I just decided to skip it.  If you’ve followed me and my journey you know it’s been a journey to love my body but the toughest part I’d say is loving my VBO – visible belly outline.  In Montreal during Montreal Plus Fashion Week,  Cynthia of Flight of the Fat Girl told me my tummy was beautiful and she made me take a step back and think a little differently about my body


Ok so here’s my question as to why loving this last part of my body has been so difficult…when you fall in love, or when you love or are loved by your friends and family, do you or they choose to love parts of you but not 1 specific part.  No (at least not in healthy relationships).  Why can’t we just see our whole packages as beautiful?  Why do we pick apart ourselves and examine the parts we don’t really like rather than celebrating all the things we do like?


For example, I love that I have these super long legs that look killer in short dresses, skirts or shorts.  Or what about my heart that is for women seeing their beauty, value and their worth.  Or how about that this body helps me accomplish so much in this world – even just in my day to day life.


It’s time to start loving all of us.  It’s time to start seeing the beauty within and the beauty we behold in our bodies.  It’s time to stop slamming it.  While we’re on this topic too, let’s address what happens when people shame us…I’ve experienced this a little bit more lately on my Instagram account and before this would have had me in tears, made me delete my social media accounts and hide.  But no, there is nothing wrong with me and the way I look.  Do I want to be healthy? Of course and I work at that.  Do I need to be a size 2 to be happy or healthy? No.  So do you boo and let the haters fall to the wayside!


Now that my rant is over, let’s talk about this sassy look.  My old casual and sassy look was black yoga pants and maybe like a pink shirt instead of black.  Well, this outfit I styled is not any of that from SexyPlus Clothing.  I saw these pants and knew I had to get them on.  The cut is divine and this seam in the back just adds a bit of sassiness to the whole look.  I also saw this amazing jean vest with a pop of lace in the back which give a little peek-abo of my tattoos and finally I added this coral tank under it to give it a pop of colour and put it together and finished off with my fav sandals from Nine West.

Capri’s – The Britney Pinstripe Ankle Jean by Lola Jeans

Top – SexyPlus Clothing (available in store)

Vest – Crust on Casual White Jean Vest by Point Zero 

Shoes – Nine West (last seaon)

Accessories – Amadora Designs Jewels 

Photos by Stefanie Augusteijn Photography

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