Summer Styling with Sarah @ SexyPlus Clothing – Sexy

Summer Styling with Sarah @ SexyPlus Clothing – Sexy

This week on the blog I have 3 looks for you!  Yup, 3.  They are part of a series – Summer Styling with Sarah at SexyPlus Clothing (located at 5100 Maingate Drive, Mississauga and also online at  Welcome to the final part of Sweet, Sassy and Sexy. Monday I debuted my ‘sweet’ look, Wednesday was my Sassy look and today you get to see my sexy look.

I would say that the persona that has been the hardest for me is the sexy side.  I’ve never felt very sexy and anytime I tried previously I was made to feel like ‘girl, why you tryin’.  Also, when it came to being sexy way back in my insecure days that I just wanted attention from men to help fill a void, there were boobs everywhere (I’d wear 3 bras just to bring more attention to them, no lie {covers face})!  Add into the mix that I was raised as a pastor’s kid and being sexy was always off limits.  So it’s certainly been an interesting thing to navigate.


I’ve always been the ‘good girl’ or so I like to think and my ‘wild days’ are like uber tame days for others.  With the good girl persona also came some shyness.  But let’s be real here….over the last couple of years as I’ve discovered my value, worth and beauty things have changed – in a good way.  I am now more confidently me, my passion for life is like next level and I don’t live my life just for me.


People often wonder why or how I can share what I share about in my blogs or posts – so I’ll let you in on a little secret – guess it won’t be a secret anymore.  When I was in my darkest days I didn’t have anyone who I could talk to about what was going on.  I didn’t have anyone to inspire me or to tell me how hard it was to actually learn to love yourself but more importantly how necessary it was to live a full life.  I also didn’t have someone to tell me that what was happening in my relationship wasn’t healthy.  Yes, I had friends and family who saw alarm bells going off left right and centre but I was too scared to talk about the things they didn’t see behind closed doors.  Yes, some days it’s hella hard to share some of the stuff I share, especially recently as I’ve opened up about the sexual abuse in my marriage.  BUT, here comes the reason WHY…. I get messages from women who have told me that they didn’t know that it wasn’t normal for their man to act the way he was – to be putting them down, to be abusive, etc. Now that they know, they are able to make changes and either leave an abusive relationship or heal from one.  My story is no longer just about me.


Because of my past as well, this is why bringing ‘Sexy Sarah’ out has been the most challenging.  I have come leaps in bounds in re-recording all the horrible tapes in my head of the names I was called and the feelings I felt.  I have a blog coming up that I will open up a little bit more about all this as well and talk about reclaiming my purity and sexuality.  However with all this new found sexiness, I aim to be careful.  Careful to be a good example to young girls, careful to not project myself as a sexual object for men, careful to protect my heart in this process, and all the while still trying to inspire women to not only love WHO they are but their bodies too.


The other thing I’ve had to learn, especially in the modelling industry is to still have my voice when it comes to ‘sexy’ styles.  For example, I recently did a show and one of my outfits was a bra and thong and I said no.  I couldn’t go on stage in a bra and thong – the designer was accommodating and switched me out for a body suit with a vest which I was so thankful for.  This is not because I didn’t want to or I didn’t love my body but I am just not comfortable with doing lingerie because of some of the things I do beyond modelling – like speaking in school to Jr. and Sr. high girls, or the involvement in my church community.  You will see a shoot soon of me in lingerie but it will be very tasteful and I will open up about the abuse and taking my purity back but it is not something you will see on a regular basis.  Do I knock other models who model lingerie – hell no.  I mean come on, we do need to know what it’s gonna look like on our bodies.  I just know that for the other things that make up my heartbeat for women I need to be careful. I say all this to say that I have a voice and I’ve learned to use it and it’s my reasoning and no one else’s but it’s been hard to figure out what my voice should say.


So let’s talk about this boss ass sexy outfit from SexyPlus Clothing.  When I first walked into the store I saw these shorts and knew I needed to try them.  I knew I wanted to make it look sexy and so I chose this lase chemise with my new Ashley Graham bra peeking through. My least favourite feature of days before were my legs, I thought they were fat and were told they were fat and that I shouldn’t wear anything above my knees well…hell to the no.  I will no longer hide my now fav feature on my body.  They are long and strong and ya they still have cellulite but who the hell cares!  Also, you’ll notice no shape wear with this outfit either (just last my last post).  I’m getting more comfortable with showing my belly and not being constricted by shape wear.  Again, it’s my goal this summer to not wear it as much. To finalize the look I added some simple gold accessories from Ardene and shoes from Nine West.

I hope this series has inspired you to try some new looks, step outside your box and to embrace your body and curves just a little bit more.  Something as simple as trying new styles can really bring out some great things about you as a woman and you can even learn something in the process.  If you need help with trying new styles, Stefanie (owner of SexyPlus Clothing) is a great person to help.  Take a visit into her store, try some new things and tell her you want to go a little bit outside your box and she’ll help. Remember, you are beautiful just the way that you are, and so is your body!

The whole outfit is from SexyPlus Clothing 

Top: Floral Lace Corset Mini Dress from SexyPlus Clothing 

Jean Shorts: Distressed Denim Shorts by Point Zero Curvy from SexyPlus Clothing

Shoes: Nine West

Bra: Ashley Graham from Additon Elle 

Accessories – Ardene

Photos by Stefanie Augusteijn Photography

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