Summer Styling with Sarah @ SexyPlus Clothing – Sweet

Summer Styling with Sarah @ SexyPlus Clothing – Sweet

This week on the blog I have 3 looks for you!  Yup, 3.  They are part of a series – Summer Styling with Sarah at SexyPlus Clothing (located at 5100 Maingate Drive, Mississauga and also online at  Welcome to part 1 of Sweet, Sassy and Sexy. First up is sweet…. So let’s get started…


I went in to pick a few things out at SexyPlus Clothing and styled them the way I would style them.  I’m kind of a simple gal.  I do love my bling and nice things but when it comes to accessorizing and the outfits I choose they typically pretty simple.  One of my favourite things about fashion and modelling is trying new things and taking on the personality of the outfit.  It’s kind of like acting.


This outfit is clearly me embodying my sweet side.  I would say that this is typically my personality, or so I like to think lol.  However, some may call me naïve because of this trait but it’s just me, and I love being me – which has been a new thing over the last few years.  As I started modelling and working on my style I always gravitated towards the sweet and some knocked me because of it saying I needed to step outside my box.


I used to listen to it and kind of put myself down because I wasn’t living up to what people wanted for me and then one day I took a little step back and thought to myself and gave myself a little pep talk… ‘Sarah, you are you.  You have worked hard to love you, just the way that you are.  So why are you going to go back to people pleasing?  Just continue to be you, unapologetically.’


It is interesting to think back though.  I was reminded this week of my not so sweet side once upon a time.  When I was in my deepest emotional pain (post my parent’s divorce and my own) I was a very angry person and there was not much sweet about me because I was hurting so bad.  I so wanted to be that sweet girl but everything in me just wanted to control my situations around me because I was being controlled by the man I was married to. My life seemed like a mess and I was angry at the world.IMG_3984-no-logo

But, as I have healed and worked through the pain of the past and overcome it, my sweet side has resurfaced and I’m proud of the woman I am today.  I’ve learned along this journey that it is important to deal with things as they come up, not leaving any stone unturned and to work on your emotionally well-being because the state of your heart determines a lot in your life.


There is a scripture in Proverbs that says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23).  Growing up I heard this verse a lot but in my adult life I really understood it and the necessity to ensure my heart is in good order.  What is your heart like today?  Are there places you haven’t gone because it’s too painful or scary to deal with?  Do you notice things about yourself that you want to change but don’t’ know where it stems from?  Well, I challenge you today to check on the state of your heart and to start dealing with the scary parts.  You’ll find as you start dealing with things and get closer to a whole heart, your life will look very different and you may see more of your sweet side re-surface like I did.


So, how did I style this outfit to portray my sweet side at SexyPlus Clothing?  I picked this amazing white dress with a lace bodice and a ‘tutu’ like bottom and I paired it with a little bit of flair- red pumps from Nine West (cause I have a little bit of a wild streak) and one of my fav necklaces from Fifth Avenue – I sort of see this necklace as the key to my heart, just waiting for the right man to come along that will have the other half.

Stay beautiful!




Dress – SexyPlus Clothing

Shoes – Nine West

Accessories – Fifth Avenue

Photos by Stefanie Augusteijn Photography

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