The 3 C’s – Cute, Casual & Comfortable

The 3 C’s – Cute, Casual & Comfortable

So as most of you know, I’ve recently moved right downtown Toronto.  It’s been quite fun actually and I’m loving not spending 3-4 hours in my car commuting.   With that has come a lot of extra time which is AMAZING!  Moving has also meant that I now get to ride my bike into work or walk which has posed a little bit of a dilemma for me….dressing cute, casual and comfortable (it needs to be something I can move in quite well).

Lucky for me I work somewhere that is pretty low key in terms of style and unless I have a client meeting I can dress pretty casual.  My journey to cute and casual has been an interesting one because casual for me used to mean black yoga pants and some sort of t-shirt or tank.  But, as I’ve progressed I’ve had to find new things to wear that were casual, cute and comfortable.


One of my go to’s for my cute, casual and comfortable looks is SWAK Designs.  It’s fun to play around with their different styles and so many of their pieces can be mixed and matched. Sizing is generous and I know that when I order my size it will fit.

So this post is all about 2 of my new fav looks that you will see me wearing this summer.

Outfit #1 is this cute, cotton dress  – the Zuri Dress in Grey  (be sure to scroll down for outfit #2)

I styled it with a new hat my mom and sister picked up for me in Italy and with some puma runner which was perfect as I wore this while I was in NYC for the Celebrate my Size Expo at Full Figured Fashion Week.  It can obviously be worn without a hat too.

IMG_4558-Edit IMG_4559-Edit IMG_4565-Edit IMG_4566-Edit IMG_4567-Edit IMG_4569-Edit IMG_4572-Edit

Outfit #2 are these amazing jean shorts (the Sharron shorts) paired with the Rylie Tank in White.  Now I realize that I could probably wear a tank under this shirt (and I actually am today) but it’s also a little cheeky wearing it this way – it would also be great to wear a bikini top under it, or tie it with a knot and crop top it.  These jeans though, let’s talk about them…they are absolutely amazing!  Super comfy and cute, I’e paired them with a dressier shirt even so they are really versatile. You will see me wearing these bad boys all summer!

IMG_4583-Edit IMG_4585-Edit IMG_4591-Edit


Hair and Makeup were provided by Caravan Stylist Studios

Photos by M76Photo

Dress – The Zuri Dress by SWAK Designs

Shorts – The Sharron Shorts by SWAK Designs 

Shirt – The Rylie Tank by SWAK Designs

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