This is the Perfect Body – a NYE Special featuring SexyPlus Clothing

This is the Perfect Body – a NYE Special featuring SexyPlus Clothing

This is the time of year were everyone seems to be talking about whether or not they will make New Years Resolutions.  I’ve seen posts for and against making them and both pack some powerful arguments for the side they are on.  The biggest thing I see is people making resolutions about how much weight they want to loose and what their body goals are for 2017.  But what if we were to see our bodies as perfect just the way that they are, today?!


Personally I’ve set some big goals for myself for 2017 – career goals, mental and spiritual goals and I suppose some involve my body but they are more around feeling good and getting stronger and not how much weight I want to actually loose.  For too long I’ve battled against my body and although I’ve a significant amount of weight over the last 3 years, I’ve recently gained some weight back due to some injury set backs.  And normally I would be bummed, I would beat myself up for it and I would be down on myself but because of my journey to self love and really truly learning to love WHO I am, the number on the scale just doesn’t’ matter anymore.


Instead of all that negative self talk about my body, I’ve learned to look in the mirror each day and love my body, just as it is today, regardless of the number on the scale.  This body gets me around (and I’ve been to a lot of exciting places in 2016), this body helps me achieve my goals, this body helps me make a difference in this word, This Body is Perfect, just as it is.

You may have seen on my social media the last couple weeks some of the images from an exciting project that I was on for SexyPlus Clothing with some of my fellow SexyPlus Models (and friends).  We all look different, none of our bodies are the same, we all have different features, we are different sizes, we are each unique, but we came together to show that each of our bodies are perfect as they are.  We did this as a celebration to lead up to New Year’s Eve – one of the most exciting days of the year.  We really wanted people to see that you could look fabulous at any size for such a special day.  We each chose an outfit we loved and felt good in and wanted to encourage YOU to see yourself in a new light as well.


Will you go into this year looking at your body different, what will be the difference this year for you to stop hating what you see and start loving it instead?  For me, I can see the direct correlation to new opportunities, walking in my destiny and making a difference in this world from the moment I started to embrace WHO I am as a woman but also stopping the war against my body.  It’s like once that war ended, I was able to start living for the first time in my life.  Instead of constant negativity, positive things started flowing my way, change began to take place and I was able to take on new things – new things I never even dreamed were possible for me.


So what can you do to help you start loving yourself and your body?  Here are some of the things I’ve done:

  1. Start replacing that negative tape in your head about how ugly, fat, stupid, not good enough, etc that you are and replace them with powerful positive statements like: I am beautiful, I am strong, I am courageous, I am bold…and so on.  If you don’t see good things in yourself (and I promise they are there), ask those in your life who love you to help you make a list (that’s what I had to do when I first started).  Once you compile this list, put it somewhere you will see everyday (for me that was my mirror) and start saying things things out loud to yourself EVERYDAY until you start to believe it.  It took me 6 months and I felt like an idiot when I started but it was worth all that to get me to the place I am today.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people.  This may mean weeding out some of the negative influencers, setting boundaries with some and finding new places where you can connect with positive people – this will be a 2 way street – they can help build you up, and you can help build them up
  3. Start the process of loving your body and being used to seeing it – for me that meant standing in front of my mirror naked and learning to first of all see my body but then start appreciating each part of it until one day I could appreciate the whole package


As 2016 wraps up, let’s take a moment to be thankful for all the good and all the bad.  Both have made us who we are today.  But let’s also walk into 2017 with a new found love for ourselves and an anticipation for an amazing 2017.  The choice is yours to make in which direction you walk, but why not level up and make it a hella good year!

Wishing you the very, very best for 2017!

Let me leave you with some more of the stunning photos of my model boos but first, let me show you our amazing video to really drive home our message….We each chose a favourite part of our body to highlight – of course I chose my legs – something I used to hate but now love and are part of my signature look…

dsc01451-2 dsc01438-2 dsc01418-2 dsc01417-2

Models and their IG Handles:

Caterina – @CaterinaModa

Ivory – @PureIvoryDotCa

Jodi – @JodiPollakPlusModel

Esther – @Nakitende_Esther

Simone – @SimoneDennyMusic

Stefanie – @SassyPlusStef and owner of @SexyPlus

Sarah (me) – @SarahTaylorsJourney

Photos by Elliot Parrott Photography – @ElliotParrottPhotography 

All Dresses (and most accessories) from SexyPlus Clothing 

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