“We are Strong, Smart and Beautiful”  – The Princess Song by Elizabeth Chada

“We are Strong, Smart and Beautiful”  – The Princess Song by Elizabeth Chada

On this journey called life we meet so many people.  And on the discovery of your purpose in life, when you meet someone that is aligned with the same heart, goals, love for life and cheers you on, you know how special they really are.  I’m thankful that I have several of these people but today I want to share with you about one person in particular, Elizabeth Chada. 

The first time I saw Elizabeth was about 3 years ago at church.  We would say hi but we never had a conversation.  She had 3 beautiful children and she exuded such grace, confidence and love.  I also overheard a couple of her conversations and she sounded hilarious!  But then one day she stopped coming to my church.  I always wondered what happened to her….but then at another church event (different church) I saw her at a Canada Day bbq about a year later – the weekend of the Miss Plus Canada Pageant.

We chatted for a bit and exchanged information and have been friends ever since.  We have journeyed through our healing together, have cheered each other on through the steps of discovering our purposes in life, been a shoulder to cry on for one another, challenged each other, spoken truth into each other’s lives and I love this woman like a sister.  Both of us are divorced and have come from a past of abuse and self-hatred and during our journeys to discover why God created us we have learned to love who God made us to be.  We are kindred spirits and I’m so grateful for her in my life.

Now, Elizabeth has many amazing talents but one of them that the world gets to experience is her voice.  This woman has a set of pipes on her like no other.  She writes her own music and she sings it.  Her lyrics are so real, they are empowering, they are raw, authentic and they are songs women (and men) can relate to – and it’s not all the easy frilly stuff she sings about.

Her latest song was released this morning and the first time I heard it in her living room (yup I got a preview) I saw there just in awe as I listened to the words.  “The Princess Song” is a song that every woman can relate to. 

As the song starts on youtube it says….

“Once upon a time in a land near and far, girls and women of all ages and backgrounds grew weary of not liking who they are… One day a song was heard across the lands, a song that celebrated each fair maiden and gave her an invitation to be herself … A Princess …this is their story”

Now I could give you the rest of the lyrics but I want you to hear this song so go listen to it on youtube and be sure to follow Elizabeth on Social Media

The Princess Song On YouTube – https://youtu.be/ESTgEDoNGWs

Website & Blog – http://www.elizabethchada.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethChadaMusic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/elizabethchada/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/elizabeth-chada/id935865529

Go buy her songs on iTunes.  She’s got a few other songs she released earlier this year. And as you listen to her music, pay attention to the words … reflect and think about the amazing woman (or man) that you are and discover how worthy you are of everything life has to offer, how valuable you are and how beautiful you are…just the way that you are.  Stop hating yourself, stop hating that reflection in the mirror and start loving you – there is no one else like you in this world and there never will be! I’ve listend to the Princess song probably 20 times and it still give me chills and makes me tear up. 

Elizabeth – I am sooooo proud of you for following your dreams.  The journey has been tough but you have been faithful.  Keep pressing into your dreams and taking each step with faith.  You are a woman to be reckoned with and I can’t wait to watch your journey to continue to unfold.  Love you to the moon and back!

“We are strong, smart and beautiful”

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