Christmas Baby

Christmas Baby

Just like New Years Eve is the same day every year, so is my Birthday, and well yours too.  The difference with mine is…it’s so close to Christmas and I’ve often hated it.  If your birthday is near Christmas you’d understand – you either get no gifts, or your gifts get grouped together and what’s worse is the holidays are such a busy time that you often don’t get many people out to celebrate your one and only day of the year.  But, regardless of those negatives, I love birthdays and I actually do love my birthday being around Christmas and New Years.


For starters, I actually believe I was a Christmas gift to my parents.  My mom had a miscarriage on Christmas Day the year before I was born and then the following year, she got me as an early Christmas gift which I think is sort of cool.  I also see Birthdays as a chance for new beginnings and it’s usually around my birthday that I get really contemplative about what I want for my next year.  I know some people aren’t a fan of New Years Resolutions, but I actually love them.  I’ve sort of avoided them the last few years because I’ve been afraid to dream bigger out of fear of failure but in the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few people challenge me to start making some goals (which really are based on my dreams for myself) and to write them down, make them measurable and start working towards them.

A lot has happened in the last year but imagine if I had actually made some big goals and made plans to achieve them….So, what do I want for the future year, well I can’t give all the details away but here are some things that I want to work towards in the next year, my 33rd year….


I want to expand my modelling work and work with some larger brands, I want to book more speaking events and become a stronger speaker, I want to get back in the gym (mainly because my body hates me from not working out due to sprained neck ligaments), and I want to find true love.  Now I realize you aren’t getting all the details and some of this I can control and some of it I can’t and all of it requires an actual plan which is where I’ve fallen short.  So between now and New Years I will be taking some time to make some goals.  They will need to be defined, measurable and I will need to create a plan of action to get there and associate a time line with it. So why do I share this with you?  Well, to encourage you to start thinking about the things you want and start going after them.  We can achieve so much when we make a plan and put it out into the world that this is what we want to accomplish. No more coasting by in the safe zone for this girl and I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone, dream bigger and make a plan to get to your goals and dreams.


As this post started out, this is my celebration of being a Christmas Baby…and so what’s more fun that a sexy little Santa Costume, right?  This little number is from Got Curves.  To be honest I was a little nervous on fit as I often have a hard time finding body suits that are long enough for my long torso, but as you can see it fits great!  I added a bra just to cover up a little bit more but I think it adds an extra little sass to it.  Now I think my fav part of this outfit is the hood and the little skirt.  The velvet is stretchy and soft and I felt like a vixen in it!  This is the perfect little number to spice things up as we get closer to Christmas! I paired this outfit with some super sexy blinged out heels from David’s Bridal to die in the black bra.  What’s even more fun, is that this was shot by Crave Boudoir in my living room! It’s the perfect natural light setting with all my windows.

Santa Outfit (Got Curves – in the holiday section) – coupon code sarahtjourney for 15% off

Shoes – David’s Bridal 

Photos by Crave Boudoir 


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