Full Circle – featuring sydney’s closet – part 1 of 6

Full Circle – featuring sydney’s closet – part 1 of 6

One thing I’ve noticed on my healing journey is how things have come full circle, time and time again.  I actually find it quite fascinating not only in my own life but when others share their stories with me too.  In today’s post I’ll share 2 really cool ones. 

The app, Time Hop seems to do a good job of keeping a vault of a lot of memories I’ve shared over the years on Facebook.  There are 2 memories that I was reminded of this weekend.

1. 8 years ago I was accepted to Bible college to study to become a youth pastor.  You see, back then I really wanted to work with young women and be a mentor to them because I had some great ones who played a big role in my life.  I was a youth leader at my church and I loved the girls I had the opportunity to work with.  I get to see them from time to time and it’s so neat to see how they have turned out and the amazing things they are doing with their lives – from being a missionary in other countries, to being in med school, getting married, and so on.  But here’s where things get a little sad….

I quit Bible College shortly after meeting my ex-husband and shortly after quit going to church all together.  That was a pretty big deal for this girl who grew up as a PK (Pastor’s Kid).  That started a series of poor choices because I hadn’t dealt with the pain I had experienced when my parent’s divorce happened and a myriad of other things.  Fast forward to today ….

And despite my stupid choices, getting married to the wrong man who was abusive, unfaithful and nasty to me at the age of 26 and then separating from my him at 28 which lead to divorce the following year….I’m now living out the destiny I know God has called me to – working with young women.  Helping them see their value, worth and beauty.  Literally living and walking out how to heal, how to love yourself and make right choices, day by day – in hopes to help and inspire other young women to live their best lives.  Pretty neat if you ask me….

2. So the other really cool memory Time Hop reminded me of, was the first time I modeled a Sydney’s Closet dress.  It was a beautiful black gown with a corset detail on the back and some bling on the front.  I felt beautiful in it.  Sydney’s Closet is known for their beautiful gowns for plus size women. They won ‘Retailer of the Year’ at Full Figured Fashion Week this year and showcased their collections at the show.  Well, they have come out with a new line called ‘Celebrations’ and I have the awesome privilege to review 6 of their dresses that I chose from the line. So much can happen in a year and I’m so excited to share with you some of these beautiful pieces.  Their tagline – “Celebrate day to night with these looks” holds true.  I would wear these pieces to work and also on a night out with the girls or hey, maybe even a date (but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves).

Over the next several weeks I will share with you more of their dresses, how I chose to accessorize each one and will also have a mini video review for you so you can see the dress in motion.
So, let’s take a look a the first  dress.

Below is the “Celine Dress”.  This dress can be worn a few different ways and I chose to wear it a little bit like an empire waist dress.  I paired it with an awesome chunky choker from Fifth Avenue Collection, black tights from Addition Elle and with a pair of awesome new knee high boots I picked up at Sirens this week.  It is black with blue specks of sparkle and is really comfy yet dressy and classy.  One thing I really like about the dress beyond the obvious sparkle is how it hangs on my body and hits me in the right places.  Sydney’s Closet is known for their quality and that sure is the case as they bring us this new Celebrations line and at an affordable price. This dress retails for $69 on their website and currently they are offering free shipping on their celebrations line – I’ve included the coupon code below.

One thing we’ll want to talk about is fit as well as I know that’s a question we ladies ask ourselves when ordering online.  I’m usually a size 16 (sometimes 14) and I took my measurements before ordering.  My measurements were almost exactly the same measurements for the size 16 on their sizing chart with the exception of my hips being a a couple inches larger than what the size 16 was but I was confident they would fit and every dress fits great! So use their measuring chart when ordering and take your measurements – they are really accurate – such a relief I know!

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