Miss Plus Canada 2014 Does Caribana

Miss Plus Canada 2014 Does Caribana


One of my first appearances as Miss Plus Canada was certainly a first for me.  On August 2, 2014th, I participated in Caribana, right here in Toronto. 

I really had no idea what I had signed up for and I learned so much along the way – including that you don’t just say you are in the Caribana parade – it’s actually called Playing Mas.  Friends kept asking me who I was playing with and I was so confused – so for those who asked on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I wasn’t ignoring you – I had no idea what you meant.  So to clear it up – I played with Saldenah. 

I spent a lot of time preparing as a newbie and truth be told, I spent time on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook looking at how people did their hair and make-up and what they wore for shoes.  Yup that’s me – the over the top planner. And In preparation I had my nails done and my make-up done – check out the pics below!  

It was a pretty cool day and for more than just the entertainment from seeing everyone dancing along Lakeshore.  It was neat because I stepped outside my box, yet again and danced in a costume that was pretty much a bathing suit.  There was a time that I didn’t even like showing up to the beach in a bathing suit – I wore shorts and a t-shirt to cover up, skirts, whatever I could do to hide.  Well, there was no hiding this past weekend. 

I decided right away that I would hold my head high and be confident, all day long! And, you know what….I was.  Now, there certainly were people who thought us curvy girls shouldn’t be in such costumes but you know what – that doesn’t really matter.  One thing will remain… I am me and I am more than just my outside package and the reflection I see the in mirror – although I do like what I see in the mirror (finally).  That is something that will never change.  I have learned that it doesn’t really matter what others think of me, what matters is that I know who I am and that I am sure of the things I do, say, wear and am. 

There certainly are lots of amazing people to thank for helping prepare and execute this day but I wanted to say a special thanks to the beautiful Nadelle.  Thank you so much for your help getting everything set up with our costumes, providing a virgin’s guide to Caribana and for being so patient with all my questions and helping out.  I am so thankful to have met you and for our friendship.  You are a beautiful woman with such a beautiful, compassionate and gentle soul.  Love ya girl!

The day was really exciting – the sights,  sounds, colours, the people and not to mention the dancing – I think I surprised a few people with my dancing – this white girl can move.  Be sure to check out some pics below!  According to a few spectators – I looked like a Blue Wonder Woman – I’ll take it…

Until next time, Stay beautiful!

Loved my make up by Nichole at Sephora In Oshawa.   
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