So what happens when you bring a group of plus models, bloggers and friends together and you hit the night out on the town in Montreal after an epic time on the runway?  Well, you are bound to have a good time and turn some heads!


A couple weeks ago I had the honor of modeling and speaking at the inaugural Montreal Plus Fashion Week.  It was a dream come true to speak and model in the same event.  My heart is for women and encouraging them to love who they are today, see their value and their worth and to live life to its fullest.  I know all too well what it is like to live in darkness and pain and little did I know that to step into the light, I just had to take 1 step.  This is the reason I share my story – women don’t need to stay in that darkness and pain and I’m proof that your dreams are possible and that you are worthy of all the love and life this world has to offer.  We proved at Montreal Plus Fashion week that Runway was made for all and that just cause we have a few extra curves, lumps, handles and jiggly bits does not mean we can’t rip that runway with fierceness!


One of my Toronto model babes (Caterina) and I had an idea that we should all go out on the town with all the models in the show and anyone else who wanted to join.  Not only that but that we should capture this epic night on film….which is where Robert Skuja Photography comes in of course.  He was the official photographer for Montreal Plus Fashion week as well so we were elated he’d be there to capture our night out.


So what happened when we all went out?  Well, we all had an amazing time, dancing, laughing and having fun.  We had just spent a few days with all these amazing women we had met and ripped the runway with and it was time to let loose and celebrate.  Now something to mention is the vast array of styles amongst us all.  You’ll notice no one is hiding their bodies, no one is wearing a mu-mu and we had no problems having fun, bustin a move and shankin what our mama’s gave us.


I remember a time where I let my size deter me from going out and having fun and those days are long gone.  If that’s you today, take us as some motivation to get out there and live life.  Enjoy yourself, have fun, wear fun clothes, see your beauty!

A very big thank you as well to 2 of my girls for coming all the way to Montreal to support me and my model babes.  These 2 have embraced all of who I am and have been such a big part of my life and they were our cheering squad as we ripped the runway.  They are part of my tribe and I am so grateful for them!  You’ll notice the hottie on the left as Kiss of Class as we’ve done a few collaborations on my blog together – Thank you for being my purpose mate Julie-Anne.  I love you dearly xoxo


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    I want to be there too. i want to be happy like those girls…omg

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